‘I’m Just a Scarecrow Without You’ – Tom Waits & Scarecrows

Much akin to his aforementioned affinity for crows, Tom Waits seems equally entranced by scarecrows, referring to them frequently within his early career. The omnipresent, stoic guardian of a scarecrow is perhaps unsurprising as a frequent muse for Waits, both he and it stoic and brooding, relics of a bygone age that still hold sway and influence.

‘Potter’s Field’ – Foreign Affairs (1977)

‘Cause he’d cut my bleedin’ heart out if he found out that I squealed/

Cause you see a scarecrow’s just a hoodlum’


‘Wrong Side of the Road’ – Blue Valentine (1978)

‘Poison all the water in the wishin’ well/

And hang all them scarecrows from the sycamore tree’


‘A Sweet Little Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun’ – Blue Valentine (1978)

‘Now never trust a scarecrow wearin shades after dark/

Be careful of that old bow tie he wears’


‘On the Nickel’ – Heartattack and Vine (1980)

‘And if you chew tobacco and wish upon a star/

you’ll find out where the scarecrows sit just like punch lines between the cars’ 


‘I Beg Your Pardon’ – One from the Heart (1982)

‘I’m just a scarecrow without you/

baby please don’t disappear’


‘Back in the Good Old World’ – Night on Earth (1982)

‘On October’s last I’ll fly back home rolling down winding way/

Scarecrows are all dressed in rags out at the edge of the field I lay’


‘A Good Man Is Hard To Find’ – Blood Money (2002)

‘Go out to the meadow; scare off all the crows/

It does nothing but rain here, and nothing’


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4 thoughts on “‘I’m Just a Scarecrow Without You’ – Tom Waits & Scarecrows

  1. A big Thank You for this!. I absolutely love your “lists”. The research, thought, and huge amount ot respect for Tom Waits is evident in everything you post and in all your commentary on the podcast. It is much appreciated.

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